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Jeremy has been tattooing,  piercing , and serving the Arvada and surrounding areas  for 20+ years.   He loves going to work daily to create one of a kind pieces of art that you will enjoy for life.  Jeremy is a very well rounded tattoo artist specializing in pretty much all styles such as: black and grey,  (his favorite),  color,  new/old school,  traditional,  and cover-ups.  The only thing that he does not do is portraits.

Check out his portfolioPlease come down to Industry Ink. Tattoo for an amazing piece done by Jeremy.


Luis has been with Industry Ink for almost 5 years. However, he has been in the industry for 10+ years.  Looking for a relistit tattoo or a portrait? LC is your guy.  Even though that realistic and portraits are LC's  forte he is capable of so much more!  Check out his portfolio.  You can also follow LC on Instagram @el_c_222


Nostalgia aka James
My Name is Nostalgia. I have been tattooing for about five years. I grew up in upstate New York, and was always pursuing creative outlets. I moved to Denver in 2008 to attend the Art Institute, and a few years later developed in interest in tattooing, and met my mentor. My intention is to create bright, bold tattoos that withstand the tests of time and develop meaningful, long-lasting connections in the process. For tattoo inquiries and pricing, contact



Welcome Matt.  He is newer to Industry Ink.  Matt has been tattooing for 27 years strong. His tattooing ability is outstaning.  Drawing straight on the skin to the final tattoo piece.  He has tattooed all over this country.  You can follow him on Instagram @mattschulz76 



Bryan- Piercer

Bryan has been with us for over a year, however he has been in the industry for 10 years.  He is excellent with customers and  makes everyone feel welcomed.  He will go over the care instructions clealy and  thoroughly.  


His schedule is:

Sun- Mon 12- 6:30 

Tues- Wed OFF 

Thurs- Sat 12-8 (ish) .  



Please welcome Gundy to our shop.  His Bio soon to come. 

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