About Us


Industry Ink Tattoo has been open since October 2014.    As we are a family owned tattoo shop with kids of our own, we understand that you may not have a sitter to watch your kids.  We just ask that your kids do not run around, and to please respect our shop and it's surroundings.  You will find that we keep  our shop very clean and up to the Colorado Health Department Standards.    Also, we do have flash on our walls, but mainly as a reference, or a starting point. But we are willing (and want to), take the time to draw you up our own custom tattoo, that you will enjoy for life.  Check out our piercing prices, and you will see that we have the best prices in the industry.  Walking in from the beginning you will feel welcomed and knowing you found your tattoo shop.  Welcome to the Industry Ink. Tattoo family!